Growing up, in my house, there was always
room for one more dog!

German Shepherds, an Alaskan Malamute, three poodles, three beagles, a rescue Doberman, and a Mini Pin.  After college my work took me to Asia where I sourced all types of products and developed wonderful relationships with people at factories throughout the region. However, I deeply missed having a dog! After getting married, settling down in Connecticut and having children - I rescued a wonderful black Lab named Bronson and then brought our sweet girl Neely, a yellow Lab from Kentucky into the family.  

Neely's Nest – Pet Home Goods

The idea for Neely's Nest began when I traveled to Cornwall, UK to visit friends on their Devon Red cattle farm.  I fell in love with Patsy their UK working cocker spaniel who had an adorable personality. After many discussions about me taking Patsy back to the US - we agreed that if Patsy had puppies we would fly over and pick one up.  A year or so later, Patsy was expecting a litter! We surprised our daughter with a trip to England to pick up Lady Margaret of Cornwall (aka Maggie-our own UK working cocker!) During my first visit, I had noticed Patsy slept on a raised dog bed that all the other dogs desperately wanted to sleep on as well. The dogs absolutely loved it and it got me thinking how my dogs would enjoy a similar retreat.  I looked for raised beds but couldn’t find any that would coordinate well with my decorating style.

So Neely’s Nest was born!