Sizing Guide

Choosing the proper sized bed for your dog.

When bedtime beckons we want to be certain your dogs new bed is a cozy and relaxed retreat! To that end, it is important that your dog fits comfortably!

Following is a guide to help you select your dog’s bed:

Neely's Nest – Pet Home Goods – Dog Bed Sizing


When your dog is standing, use a tape measure to record length from nose to base of where tail meets the body and his height from the paws to top of his head.

Multiply the length and height each by 1.25 so that you may determine the minimum bed length and depth for your dog. We want your dog to have enough wiggle room.


Because nothing turns the day around like rolling in a mud hole……

We’ve designed our dog beds with beautiful fabrics that can easily be washed.

Care Instructions

Washed Linen Cover*
Machine wash cold in mild detergent, hang dry or tumble dry on lowest setting. Linen washes best in an uncrowded washing drum.

Sunproof®️/Sunny Guard Performance Fabric Cover*
Machine wash cold in mild detergent; tumble dry low.  

Waterproof Liner*
Machine wash warm in mild detergent; tumble dry medium.

* Folding the cushion in half lengthwise makes inserting and removing the cushion a walk in the park.

Cushion Care - Spot clean as needed.

Rattan Dog Beds

Rattan is a durable natural material that can easily be wiped clean with a wet cloth. If a deep cleaning is needed, it can be sprayed with a hose and allowed to dry outside.

* Avoid bleach on all of our products.